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Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman

The inception of The Forum of Pakistan’s Ombudsman (FPO) was catalyzed by the visionary impetus of the Federal Tax Ombudsman, culminating in a network that stands as a testament to its commitment. Formally enshrined under the Societies Act (Act XXI of 1860) on June 4, 2011, following its establishment on April 15, 2011, this platform epitomizes a realm of collective aspiration.

The Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman (FPO) stands as a paragon of professionalism, independence, and nonpartisan ethos, driven by an unwavering resolve to ensure the meticulous standards of holding public functionaries accountable through the offices of Ombudsmen all over Pakistan. Its paramount objective emerges as a beacon, illuminating the trajectory toward enhanced governance at national, provincial, and local echelons.

This luminary mission of the Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman is achieved through judiciously calibrated social and educational training, underscored by a resolute pursuit of knowledge, thereby transcending geographical confines to propagate the Ombudsman of Pakistan paradigm worldwide.

Central to FPO’s charter is an unyielding commitment to fortifying the apparatus for redressing public grievances within the precincts of Ombudsman offices throughout Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. This entails an elevation of core capacities and the attainment of an elevated echelon of professionalization across the Ombudsman spectrum.

Through training sessions and awareness/advocacy campaigns and professional enhancement workshops within a meticulously planned and collaborative outreach mechanism, our endowment seeks to diminish societal tolerance for suboptimal governance and strengthen the concept of accountability of the public functionaries to reflect the core Islamic values enshrined in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman also anticipates and envisages a recalibration of legislative and procedural frameworks encompassing Ombudsman offices, irrespective of federal or provincial jurisdiction. This vision of FPO aspires to inculcate uniformity of terms and conditions, thus augmenting the potency of Ombudsman ship in fostering accountability and nurturing the tenets of good governance.