Ombudsman Punjab

Hon’ble Mr. Javed Mahmood was sworn in as the 6th Ombudsman for the Province of Punjab on 13th March, 2013. Previously, he has also served as Chief Secretary of the province. He was later transferred to the Federal Government. Mr Javed Mahmood got premature retirement, as the Ombudsman Act 1997 bars appointment of a serving official for the office.

A notification of his appointment was issued after the Federal government notified his preretirement. The new posting of Mr. Javed Mahmood has revived hopes among the people wanting redress of their grievances against provincial authorities. He enjoys reputation of a good administrator.

The three-month vacancy of the office has led to the racking up of hundreds of complaints from people aggrieved at actions or inactions of institutions. He would dispose of pending cases since December 2012 and deliver justice to the complainants.