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Nabila Hakim Ali Khan

Provincial Ombudsperson  Punjab

The 4th Ombudsperson for the Province of Punjab, Ms. Nabila Khan has taken oath in June 2021. She is an advocate by profession and has an independent law Association namely, Nabila Khan Law Associates. She has been elected as an opposition member of the Provincial Assembly from 2013 to 2018. She is a member of ALUMNI, National Defense University. She has enjoyed the opportunity to join IVL which has been a group of 10 judges who have visited different American states for training. She is the only female member who was selected for the training.

She has vast experience working for the social welfare of women and for child protection. She served two times as a Member of the District Council during 2002-08; as a Member of the District Public Safety and Police Complaints Commission Sahiwal. She has also been Chairperson of DPSC, She has made valuable contributions towards improving transparency in the utilization of public sector resources and now plans to strengthen the role of the office of Ombudsperson Punjab.

Since becoming an Ombudsperson of Punjab, she has heard and decided thousands of cases. There are tons of success stories throughout the province where the entitled person was given properties. To get their own rights regarding the properties was a riddle for millions of women of the sub-continent. However, Ms. Nabila Khan has made the office of the Ombudsperson Punjab an open forum for them.