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Dr. Muhammad Khawar Jameel

Federal Insurance Ombudsman

Federal Insurance Ombudsman Dr. Muhammad Khawar Jameel is a highly educated, seasoned and professional bureaucrat, who has held various key posts in Federal and Provincial Governments for over a period spanning 35 years. He has a vast and varied experience of working in top administrative and management positions in the Capital and has served in various major and important ministries eventually making it to the post of Federal Secretariat.

Apart from his administrative expertise, he also has a vast judicial and investigative experience, as he exercised the judicial power in the capacity of District & Divisional Heads and Member Incharge of Regional Office of Wafaqi Mohtasib at Sindh.

After taking oath of Office from the Honorable President of Pakistan in a specially ceremony at Aiwan-e-Sadr as Federal Insurance Ombudsman in December, 2019 Dr. Muhammad Khawar Jameel with all his dedication and devotion desires to improve the perception of this highly important institution and its recognition amongst general public specially in business community, to provide speedy and free of cost justice at the doorstep of the aggrieved complainants of all over the country.

After taking charge of this important assignment, the Federal Insurance Ombudsman gave directions to its professional team to create awareness amongst general public and to attract complainants having genuine grievances against the maladministration of Insurance Industry for prompt resolution of their complaints. This resulted in a significant increase in number of complaints which are being amicably resolved on regular basis.

He further directed his team to dedicate their professional capabilities to ensure protection of the interest of policy holders and to work for growth and development of Insurance Industry. In this regard he advised all the members of the Secretariat to work as per the essence of the Insurance Ordinance, 2000 and to facilitate amicable resolution of complaints