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Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah

(Sitar-e-Imtiaz) (Sitara-e-Hilal), President FPO, Federal Tax Ombudsman

Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah is a distinguished figure in Pakistan, known for his versatile roles as a philanthropist, customs officer, medical doctor, social worker, and writer. He graduated from King Edward Medical University and joined the Civil Service (Customs and Excise Group) in 1992. His career in customs saw him rise to prominent positions, including being posted as Collector Customs (Appeals) in Lahore.

In September 2021, Dr. Jah was appointed as the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) for a four-year term. This appointment came after his premature retirement from the Pakistan Customs Service. He is a BS-21 officer and received this appointment effective from September 21, 2021.

Dr. Jah‘s contributions extend beyond his professional duties. He is a recognized philanthropist, having founded the Customs Health Care Society in 1998, which aims to serve humanity in distress. This organization has been instrumental in providing medical treatment, establishing healthcare clinics, schools, and mobile hospitals across Pakistan. These facilities offer free healthcare and educational services to the needy.

He has been honored with prestigious awards for his services, including the Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 2015 and the Hilal-i-Imtiaz in 2021. These awards recognize his humanitarian work and professional contributions to revenue generation.

Additionally, Dr. Jah is a renowned writer, having authored about 25 books, some of which have been published by the National Book Foundation under the auspices of the Government of Pakistan. His literary works are recognized and appreciated at both national and international levels.

Dr. Jah’s commitment to public service is evident in his various initiatives. He has been actively involved in providing aid and relief during national disasters like the 2005 earthquake. His contributions have had a significant impact in areas such as the deserts of Thar and remote regions of Baluchistan, where he has worked to provide safe drinking water and support green initiatives.

In summary, Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah‘s career and philanthropic efforts paint a picture of a dedicated individual who has made significant contributions in various fields, from medicine and customs administration to social work and literature.