The inauguration of The Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman's website embodies a spirit of optimism and unwavering conviction. Established in 1983, the Ombudsman office has already demonstrated its capacity to rectify citizens' grievances against administrative lapses. Today, Pakistan houses 15 Ombudsman offices, 6 of which operate with specialized mandates. Originally conceptualized in Sweden in 1807, the Ombudsman institution has evolved dramatically due to technological advancements, burgeoning workplaces, human rights demand, and the transformation of the financial sector.

Despite these changes, the fundamental essence of the Ombudsman remains unaltered. It operates as an overarching supervisory entity, complementing the judiciary without replacing it. The efficacy of the Ombudsman office is maximized when a collective platform is established, fostering synergies among diverse Ombudsmen. Thus, the creation of The Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman is predicated on the vision of enhancing collaboration and shared potential.

This website opens a virtual gateway to the world, allowing insight into the inner workings of the Ombudsman's realm. Technological advancements have interconnected global communities in real time through text, images, audio, and video. The Forum aspires to transform this platform into a dynamic space for Ombudsmen and the broader public to interact on both national and international scales.

I extend my best wishes for the resounding success of The Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman!