Through these strategic priorities, we are dedicated to strengthening public grievance redress mechanisms and upholding the values of transparency, accountability, and justice.


IT Enablement revolves around the utilization of technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Ombudsman offices. FPO recognizes that the adoption of modern IT solutions has the potential to optimize complaint management systems, simplify online submissions, and enhance data analysis capabilities, leading to more informed decision-making. FPO aims to train and facilitate the Ombudsman members regarding the impact of IT enablement on Ombudsman offices, emphasizing its ability to enhance responsiveness to citizens' grievances, and promote transparency.


Outreach Expansion highlights the significance of expanding the Ombudsman's reach in order to actively involve a wide range of communities and stakeholders. By implementing proactive outreach initiatives, Ombudsman offices have the ability to establish trust and credibility within the public. This ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds are knowledgeable about their rights and the available methods of seeking resolution. FPO conducts frequent training sessions and undertakes different outreach initiatives, including awareness campaigns, community events, and partnerships with civil society organisations. These initiatives aim to demonstrate FPO’s dedication to promoting accessibility and inclusivity in day to day running of Ombudsman offices.

  • Public outreach
    • Visits to universities (specially program legal, political science, international relations, economics departments etc.) offer them presentations, offer them training and participation certificates, offer paid internships to bright students.
    • Sign an MoU with reputed universities and work on offering a credit based internship.
    • Electronic and social media platforms need to be utilized for increasing maximum outreach to various segments of society. [Google ads, YouTube ads etc.
  • Office outreach
    • Add interactive features like form distribution/questionnaires at the end of presentations. [this way who can’t communicate can offer their input via writing].
    • Harassment: we need representatives from all ombudspersons who can help us in gathering data at grassroot level. A training program should be devised by gathering input from all.
    • Taxation


Business process re-engineering is a methodical approach to evaluating and restructuring internal processes within Ombudsman offices. FPO believes that by implementing streamlined procedures and removing unnecessary redundancies, Ombudsman offices have the potential to enhance their operational efficiency and reduce the time they take to address citizens' complaints. FPO aims to focus on the impact of re-engineering processes on Ombudsman offices and highlight how these changes can lead to improved and timely resolutions for grievances, ultimately resulting in increased public satisfaction.


The importance of capacity building for skill development cannot be overstated, as it plays a crucial role in improving the competencies of both the staff and members of the Ombudsman office. FPO aims to showcase the training programs, workshops, and seminars organized by the Ombudsman. These initiatives are designed to foster the development of a competent and well-informed workforce. FPO aims to invest in continuous learning and professional development, which is crucial for Ombudsman offices to maintain a well-prepared team capable of effectively addressing intricate issues and adapting to new challenges.


The aim of standardizing terms and conditions is to establish uniform guidelines and practices across Ombudsman offices. FPO is dedicated to ensuring commitment to fairness, transparency, and consistency in the complaint resolution process by establishing clear and equitable terms for the interaction between Ombudsman offices and citizens. Standardization also guarantees that citizens receive the same level of service regardless of their location or the office they visit.